Bentley's Fine Grooming Spa

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Bentley's Fine Grooming Spa provides a full range of exceptional grooming services. In addition to traditional grooming services we offer hand scissoring, de-matting, de-shedding, nail filing and pedicures, Blueberry Facials, and European Mineral Treatments for irritated and dry skin.


Bentley's Fine Grooming Spa is now offering one of kind Cage-Free Grooming to reduce stress and give pets a breath of fresh air. Our goal is to exceed your every expectation and include you in our family of faithful customers. To schedule an appointment please call (972) 964-WASH (9274).


WFAA Channel 8 features Bentley's Blueberry Facial!



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New Cage-Free Grooming


• With our new one of kind Cage Free Grooming service, so that your dog can play with all of his friends while getting gorgeous!


• Cage Free eligible dogs will be hosted in our new Doggie Daycare playground while enjoying various amenities such as TV, Toys and Playing with friends and much more.


• Our trained staff will supervise the playground to ensure their safety and maintain a stress free environment for all dogs.



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Master Pet Stylist Mei with 2 absolutely adorable cuties!


Benefits of Bathing and Grooming


Professional Grooming Benefits

*Professional evaluation of coat and skin health to inform owner

*Improves condition of coat and skin

*Create grooming style best suited to dog and owner lifestyle

*De-matting removes tangles and mats

*De-shedding reduces excess hair in home


Regular Bathing Benefits

*Removes dirt, dandruff and excess oil from your dog's coat

*Removes excess hair to help decrease shedding in home

*Reduces allergies

*Natural bathing products provide itch relief

*Conditioners help moisturize dry skin

*Helps speed the healing of wounds

*Helps remove fleas and flea dirt

*Improves pet odor in home

*Clean dogs are more likely to be cuddled and hugged